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Post Clinic Visit Information

Follow Up After Investigations

PLEASE NOTE: The office of your surgeon is NOT notified when an investigation or test is booked or completed. After you receive notification of a test date you must inform the office of your surgeon so that a follow up visit can be arranged. Results for investigations are provided during follow-up consultation with your surgeon. Please call and have information regarding the type and date of the investigation so that a follow up appointment can be arranged.

Steroid Injection

If you have received a steroid injection please follow instructions carefully:

Steroid injections contain some freezing which will last 4-6 hours. While the freezing is in place it is important to remember and document whether your pain is gone. This indicates that the injection has been placed in the location of the pain source. After the freezing wears off there may be a period of increased pain (steroid effect). This increase in pain may be severe. To avoid or blunt this undesired reaction please start taking an anti-inflammatory medication within 2 hours of the injection and stay on the medication for 3-4 days. Over the counter medications such as Advil are generally adequate. Please take only the recommended dosage and do not take the medication if you have a contraindication to NSAIDs, or intolerance of NSAIDs.

Physiotherapy Referral


It is difficult for your surgeon to complete forms in a timely fashion. It is generally more efficient to have your family physician complete the form. Your surgeon generally dictates information about return to work and disability in the clinic notes that are sent to the family doctor. If you must have a form filled out by your surgeon, it is imperative that you fill out all sections required by you prior to leaving the form at the office of your surgeon. It is also helpful to leave a note with dates of surgery and clinic visits and a job description with information relevant to your ability to perform your work duties.
IMPORTANT: Do not expect to have your form completed during your clinic visit. This will cause unacceptable delays to care of other patients.


Your surgeon does not provide prescription refills for pain medications. After the initial postoperative period pain control should be managed by one physician, preferably your family doctor.