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Diagnostic Investigations

Results for investigations are provided during follow-up consultation with your surgeon. Please contact the office of your surgeon if you require a follow up appointment to an investigation. Please call and have information regarding the type and date of the investigation so that a follow up appointment can be arranged.


MRI’s may be ordered on your behalf by your surgeon.

There are several medical services plan (MSP) funded locations in Vancouver where our office submits requisitions. We make an effort to send it to the hospital that is providing the shortest wait time, however wait times have been unpredictable and some patients have waited up to 8 months for an appointment. The hospital typically calls each patient directly to advise him/her of their appointment time. Please call your surgeon's office as soon as you have been assigned a time so that a follow up to the imaging can be made.

MRI can be arranged privately at a cost. There are multiple private MRI centres available as well patients covered by third party payers such as WCB, RCMP may have their MRI expedited at a private centre. Please ask the office for more information.


The CT department will send the appointment notice to the office. Then the office will call you. If the CT department calls you, please call your surgeon's office as soon as you have been assigned a time so that a follow-up to the imaging can be made.

Physiotherapy Location & Contact Information

» List of Hand Therapy Providers

St. Paul’s Hospital and Outpatient Clinic:

St. Paul’s Occupational Therapy:

St. Paul’s Physiotherapy:

Westside Hand Therapy:

Guilford Hand Therapy:

Coastal Hand Therapy:

WCB Physiotherapy Providers:

Fraser Ridge Hand therapy:

Richmond Hospital Hand Clinic:

Prescription Refill

Your surgeon does not provide prescription refills, you will need to go to your family doctor or walk in clinic to get your prescription refill.

Smoking Cessation

Studies have shown conclusively that patients who stop smoking before surgery have fewer complications and heal faster than those who continue to smoke.

Please visit the following websites for further information:

Stop Smoking Before Surgery

Canadian Lung Association

Government of BC Smoking Cessation Program