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Clinic Visit - Locations

Dr. Thomas Goetz
208-1160 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2E8

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Please note clinic visits at St. Paul’s Hospital require registration at the clinic. The visit may involve need for x-ray and other investigations. The clinic is extremely busy and the complexity and time required for each patient is variable. As a result, the clinic visit often takes considerable time, often 2-4hours. Please be prepared for a long visit and make arrangements accordingly (parking time, etc.)

To do prior to your appointment:

  • Have a referral submitted to our office from a physician. (this will have been done already, if you have an appointment.)
  • Submit our pre-admission history form to our office (see pdf below). You may fax it or bring it with you to the appointment.
  • Complete all X-ray views recommended by your surgeon.
    (our office will help coordinate x-rays)
  • Submit your Medical records from any previous surgeries (ie. operative reports and consultations related to your condition) to our office by mail or fax. (see pdf below)

Please bring with you to each appointment:

  • Health card
  • Details of any other personal/private medical coverage plans
  • Sleeveless shirt for shoulder examinations
  • Updated personal information ie. Phone number, address, name of family doctor etc.
  • Films, CD copies of images or reports for any tests taken relating to your current physical condition (please note that the actual images are required in addition to the reports).
  • List of medications including vitamins, supplements etc. (if applicable)
  • Translator, if necessary. (medical terminology may be used and fluent English is required)
  • Please print out this New Patient History form, complete it in full detail and bring it with you to the clinic appointment. » New Patient History Form

You may be able to obtain your medical records (operative and consultation reports relating to your injury) by calling your surgeon’s office and asking them to fax the reports to our office. Some offices may require a release or request for medical records. Please find below a request for medical records form that may be printed, signed and faxed to your surgeon. You are responsible for providing your medical records to our office prior to your appointment.
» Request for Medical Records


» Request for Medical Records
Request for medical records should be printed out and sent to your other surgeon or doctor.

» New Patient History Form
The medical history form should be printed out, filled in and brought to the clinic.